Template for build an application for Android or iPhone from a Directory with Locations

Nice template to start creating an application for Android or iOS for a local or global directory with locations.

With this mobile app template you can add maps with locations, create a complete system of nearby locations, interesting telephones, contact forms and presentations of premises with promotions and booking form for your clients.

Any organized data is possible with this mobile app template.


Template Content to create your own mobile app

We have this app template so you can create a complete business and local directory including the following features and functions, remember that all application templates can be edited 100% and you can add, configure or delete all the functions you need for your application.

  • Welcome page with access to your privacy policy. Please note that according to the Google Play Developer Program Policies, it is now mandatory to include the privacy policy in all your Android applications.
  • Complete main menu with a promotional image. If your directory is promoted by one of your clients or you want to highlight some place in your directory this will be the best place to place the main image.
  • Menu of local subdirectories with a "Slider" in which you will be able to show other sponsored images.
  • In the second tab of the application we have added the function of nearby locations. With this feature you can automatically generate a map that will show the current position of the user of the application and all the places attached to Google Places that are in a predetermined radius around the user of the app.
  • In the third tab you will find a menu with access to social networks, website and other features.
  • We have also added an example page to present each local, in it you will find images and descriptions in which you can edit the business information and offer promotions. It contains 2 buttons to access the map and the reservation system.
  • Remember that it is possible to change the links of each of the buttons, edit them or delete them.
  • Form to make the reservation.
  • Page with access to RSS news.
  • Page with access to your YouTube channel or any of the videos. Please note that in order to comply with the Google Play Developer Program Policies for Android, you must always add videos that are owned by you in applications for the Android Operating System.

Starting to create the app

  1. Access the mobile app template for Directory Applications. Click on use this template or choose another template to make your app.
  2. Enter an ID for your application. It will simply be for your private use, so you can easily find it among all the applications you have created. When you have it click create.
  3. If you have not yet registered, in this step you must register in CreaTusApps.
  4. Select the Platform on which you want to create the application: Android, Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Web application.
  5. In the next step, do not change the default tab set and click Next.
  6. In the configuration of the theme, change the parameters you want to get closer to the application you want to create.
  7. Start editing your new app.

This is all. Remember that our team is willing to help you create your application, count on us whenever you need it. If you are a user of an Active Plan, do not hesitate to ask us for the icons you need or any other help. We will try to support you in every possible way so that your application contains the desired final result.

Regards to all!



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