How to make an app for Android and iPhone for Businesses

Learn how to make an application for Android and iPhone for companies with the new mobile app template we have created especially for business and freelancers.

Start now to create an app for businesses.

[cml_media_alt id='1138']Como hacer una aplicación para Android y iPhone para empresas[/cml_media_alt]


We have already developed more than 100 mobile app templates so you can make high quality mobile applications.

This new app template contains very interesting functions for your company or business.

Boost your brand by posting your apps on Google Play and the AppStore. It reaches millions of people.

It offers a professional image to your customers and sells your products and services from the most popular mobile platforms.

Today, all businesses need an application.

How to make an application for my business:

  1. First, sign up at CreaTusApps to start building applications. You can make the application for Android or iPhone for a Company without having to make any payment. You have several options to publish your application; Free or Premium. If your option is to publish a Premium application only activate your subscription when the application is ready to be published.
  2. Choose the template that best fits the design you want for your application. All templates are valid to create your application, not only serve business templates, you can choose the one you want. Keep in mind that all templates to create apps are 100% editable.
  3. When you feel ready to publish your application, we recommend you to contact us. Ask our developer team to support your applications, our extensive experience in mobile application development will be very useful for recommending features, adapting your design or helping you create application icons. At CreaTusApps we want your applications to be great. You can count on us throughout the process of creating your applications, use the support chat or contact Whatsapp to contact us.
  4. Publishing your app to the AppStore or Google Play can be a tedious process, do not worry! We publish your application for you. Also, if you do not have a developer account on Google Play ($ 25) or the AppStore ($ 99 / year) you can publish your apps under our developer account. In a few hours your business will be available worldwide!

Start now to create your first app.


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