1.6 How to update your Android & iOS app?

How to update your Android & iOS app tutorial

 Hello All,

Many users are asking themselves how to update an app that has been already published on Google Play or AppStore.

The below guidelines will bring some light to your question and hopefully will help you find certain answers.


In order to update your app, please, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account at CreaTusApps.net

2. In order to update your application access "My Apps" tab.

Note:  Remember that you are able to update an app only if you already have a published app.

How to update your Android & iOS app?

3. After logging into your account at CreaTusApps, find the application you need to update and click on the applications  next to it. Thus, you will be re-directed to you app's dashboard, where you are able to make all the major and minor changes you need to be released with the new version of your app.

Publish new Android version

4. Make the changes you need the new version of the app, edit the pages, add menu items, do the light changes in the design, etc.

Publish new iOS version


5. When ready, click on "Prepare For Release>>" link and afterwards click the "Submit to AppStore" button, thus, requesting a new build for your app.

Click in start

6. Once you click on "Submit to AppStore" button you will be asked to fill in a form for application submission to AppStore. Now, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions for your updated app submission.

This is all! 🙂


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