1.1 How to sign up for a subscription plan?

To activate a subscription with CreaTusApps, please follow the instructions bellow.
Step-by-step to sign up for a subscription plan?
Log in to your CreaTusApps.net account and click on Profile to open your profile page:

Click on Subscriptions to manage your current subscriptions:


On your subscriptions page you will be prompted to activate a new one.
If no subscriptions have been activated yet there will be no records.



Select a subscription plan by clicking on Change to different plan from the bottom:
Next you will be redirected to the Subscription Plans page where you have to sign up.

Payment by PayPal and Credit Card is available.


Choose payment method that you prefer and you will be redirected to either PayPal or Credit Card. Login under your account and make payment.
Payment amount includes the first monthly fee (charged monthly) and the activation fee (paid once).




After payment has been completed view of your Subscriptions page will change.
Your current subscription, its status, recurring amount, etc. will be displayed:




Once subscription has been activated you can add app(s) to your payment plan.
Click on (View) to view apps covered by your subscription.
Under the list of apps click on link to add an application to the plan:



Select from your projects the app that you want to add and click ADD button:


Once the app has been added it will be displayed in the list of your apps covered by the current subscription:


Until first build/submission to App Store has been ordered, app can be removed from plan. After your build request is processed the app becomes locked in the plan.



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