How to make an App Android or iPhone for Magazine Store

Greetings to all members of CreaTusApps,

Today we bring you a new App template to make applications for mobile devices, learn how to make an app for Android or iPhone for Magazines or Kiosk stores in CreaTusApps.

With this fantastic app template you will be able to create a magazine store for mobile devices, the template is adapted to high resolution screens like Android tablets or iPad as well as Android, iPhone or iPod mobile devices.

You will be able to sell subscriptions to magazines or offer your magazine completely free. Subscriptions use the "in-app purchases" feature to make content sales. The content can be magazines or books in various formats; Pdf, epub, html or text. But you can also offer multimedia content. Sell audios or videos in the same application.

The mechanism of shopping in the application is very simple, create a product sales id in your application store developer account in which you publish the app and write the ID in the field. The application will block the access to the content to those users who do not obtain the permission of the ID or will allow access to those who, if the last will be those who have made the payment of the individual magazine or a recurring subscription.

If you do not have a developer account or want to publish this template in our developer accounts, please contact us to discuss the process. To do this, use the support chat or write to us using the contact form.

In addition, in this template you will find access to your social networks, a complete contact form, a section to provide information about the company and a nice news page through an RSS reader.


Try this template here to make an app for Android or iPhone here to make an app for Android or iPhone for magazine stores or kiosks.


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