How to create Android and iPhone applications with CreaTusApps – Initiation

Complete Video Tutorial with which you will learn everything you need to create Android and iPhone applications using the online platform to make native mobile applications.

    We will create an application with you from scratch, starting with the selection of the template, going through all the settings and settings and we will end with the styles of the application.

    You will know perfectly the main panel of the application, which consists of editing pages, you will know how to properly configure your application to publish it in the app stores, in the example we will use Google Play for applications created for Android mobile devices. You will also learn how to send Push Notifications and how to send images attached to the notification or assign an action button.

    We know that this is a very long video tutorial, nothing more and nothing less than 1 hour, but we are sure that will solve most of your doubts. You can always go through the tutorial until you see those sections in which you have the most doubts, but our recommendation is to see it complete, sure that will bring you some idea and answer questions that arise while creating your first application for Android or iPhone .

    As always, remember that our team is always ready to support you during the creation of your applications, use the support chat, the WhatsApp or the Contact Form to request support.

    A greeting from the whole team and hope you enjoy this giant video tutorial.


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