3.10 How to add the Map function

The Map type page allows to display the Google map with multiple locations. Locations are determined by latitude/longitude coordinates and are marked by pins on the map. It is possible to provide each location with a brief description and a link to a target URL of a page containing detailed description of the location.



The page should be tested on CreaTusApps Previewer App (The image in the web simulator has no clickable areas).

Editing is done in Edit Map Page.


Page displayed on the device:


The Map Title is editable

Map type, select view map or satellite.

Locations can be added (+button) or removed (-button) from “Locations:” table.


In the table “Location details” you can specify name of the place and its coordinates (latitude/ longitude).

Additionally you can enter a brief description and a link (Target URL) to a page within your app or a web page containing detailed description of the place.


Page displayed on the device (upon taping on location pin)


Locations can also be entered directly in the app.xml file.

In the app's Dashboard find the link Edit "app.xml" file

A Resource Manager window will open with the xml file.

Scroll down until you find the following code:


1 <location>
2 <name>Location 1</name>
3 <latitude>53.408708 </latitude>
4 <longitude>-2.157344 </longitude>
5 <imageurl> </imageurl>
6 <ldescription>About Location 1 </ldescription>
7 <ltarget>Location1.html </ltarget>
8 </location>

These xml tags contain the data for each location you input.

Copy/paste the tags <location>…</locations> for as many locations you want to add and simply replace the valued between <>…</>tags.


1 <name>Location1</name>


Contain the name of location (Location1 can be replaced with a real name of the place)

Also enter for each location


1 <latitude>... </latitude>
2 <longitude>... </longitude>
3 <ldescription>... </ldescription>
4 <ltarget>… </ltarget>


Enter either link to a page in your app, either URL to a page about “Location1” place.


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