3.9 How to add the Camera Cover in your Apps Android & iOS

Cover Camera Page is an awesome feature to help your friends, family members and beloved pets become a magazine cover model.

You can take a new photo and insert it into a cover template and then email it or share on Facebook, send an e-mail or save it to Photo Library.


In order to add a new Camera Cover Page to your app, go to Edit Pages menu then click the “+” (Add New Page) button. From the CreaTusApps Marketplace find Camera Cover page type. Click on it to add to your application

Camera cover for android and ios phones

Once the page is added, you are able to proceed with editing mode.

camera cover

On the right side there are 3 fields that should be edited to get a fully customizable and functional Camera Cove Page . Specifically, you will find 2 major fields: Camera Cover Resources and Cover Properties. In Camera Cover Resources you have to set up the e-mail address to which the users will send their covers(the e-mail address can be changed from the device). Below you have to add the number of covers you want to use for Camera Cover Page; press “+” button to add covers or “” to remove the existing.

camera cover for app android

Let's see how it works on the device

We can see three buttons. Click on the top-right to take a photo.

iOS apps

After you have taken a photo, you will be able to apply the covers you have set in the edit mode on the website. 

Android apps with camera cover

The images taken using Camera Cover Page can be send to an e-mail, shared on Facebook or saved in the Photo Library of your device. Moreover, you can draw on it or rename the image. All of this is available on the cover's dashboard.

View sample

There is also a possibility to delete all the covers that have been made. Press on the “Clear” button to delete the covers.

Sample on Android devices

*NOTE: This page can be tested ONLY using CreaTusApps's AppPreviewer application.


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