3.6 How to add the Button Menu

Button Menu page type is a page that contains a classic list of buttons, and each of the menu items can be linked to a separate page.

In order to add a Button Menu page to your app, go to your app's Dashboard and click on "Edit Pages" link. When re-directed to the app's editor click "+" (Add New Pages) button to call up the list of the available page types.


In the list select Button Menu page and click "Create" button to actually add it.

Now you may start editing it. For that, click on "Edit" button next to the newly added page. 

On the Button Menu page editor you may change the header image by selecting different images from the resource manager (Note: you need to upload the header image to the Resource Manager first). 


Now, adding new menu items (buttons) – click "+" to add a new button or "" to delete the currently selected one. 


Once a button is added, you may re-name it, change the button background image and finally link it to another page from your app accordingly.


You may also change the design of the page by accessing the PAGE STYLE section.

Now, remember to click "Save" button when you are done with editing the page to have the changes applied. 


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