3.2 How to add the App Share

Sharing is one of the most important function an application could have. CreaTusApps comes with the "App Share" feature that helps users to communicate about their app via Whatsapp, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Sharing increases app's visibility:

– Provides impressions in the Facebook News Feed

– Sharing the app drives traffic and app installs

Update – July 2016. The new App Share Page will now support sharing on all Apps installed on devices. This is available for all platforms. All the URL links added in the edit mode of the page will be shared. Some Applications like Facebook support only one link for sharing. For this use case, you can select which link will be shared (primary) in the edit mode of the Share Page. 


To add "App Share" page you need to access the Application's Dashboard and go to "Edit Pages" section. 

Click on Add Page button "+" to add a feature to your application. You will be redirected to the Marketplace where you may find different pages for the app.


Once added you may go to Edit the page.


Page Properties

1. App Name – Enter the Application's Name

2. Icon – Select the application's icon with a maximum resolution of 100x100pixel

3. App Description – Add App Description that will be displayed on the page itself

4. Share Description – Add a short description of the app that will be shown in the E-mail or Facebook share message you will send.

5. App Store/Google Play/ Kindle Fire –  Insert the links of the Application from the App Store: Google Play Store for Android App/ Apple App Store for iOS App/ Amazon App Store for Kindle App. Select which link will be shared primary.


You need to have sync enabled for the App Share page in the Resource Manager to be able to add the corresponding links once the application  will be live on the Store.


This is all, good luck!


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