3.1 How to add the Announcements Page

Announcements Page Type Tutorial  

The Announcements Page was created to replace the old Notification Page and old Notification Popup window. The new page allows keeping and saving the sent Notifications inside an app.


STEP 1. In order to add a new Announcements Page in your app, go to "Edit Pages" menu then click on the "+" (Add New Page) button. From the list of the page types available, select Announcement and click on the "create" button.


STEP 2. Once the page is added, you may proceed with editing it.



You do not have to edit anything in this page. It works as it is when you add it in the app. However you may customize the Style of it and also preview in real mode.

1) Edit Style. Here you can edit the Design of the Page.  There are 2 settings:

a) Edit Style Class Body



This setting allows editing the design which is outside the Push Notifications box.


b) Edit embedded CSS. Here you can edit the Style of the Push Notification box and messages. There are  4 CSS classes:



1. push-box. This CSS class is for entire Box that contains the message. You can change the background color, add margin, padding, etc.

2. push-item. This CSS class is for a Message cell only.

3. push-date. This CSS class is for the Date message.

4. push-message. This CSS class is for Message tex.

See the next step where the Preview shows where each class is located.

2) Preview.  You can preview how the Announcements Page looks like.



* Please edit the CSS style settings only if you want to have a custom design for this page. By Default the page will have Standard Design for iOS and Android platforms.

Also, you may edit this page form HTML mode. You may add Header Images or any other elements. Make sure to NOT delete the placeholders '$messageDate$' and '$messageText$'.




The Styles you set for the Announcements Page will take effect also for the Push Notification Popup window which shows on the device.








  You can modify the "Announcements" text from App Dashboard > App Settings Localization.

The keys are:

iOS:  "Announcements" = "Announcements";

Android: announcements_title (Announcements)

3) Delete sent messages. You may delete the sent messages using this option.

The Announcements Page and Popup window can be tested only in new Applications (or new versions) submitted after November 28th 2014.


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