3.8 How to add the Agenda Calendar

Calendar Page Type

Calendar page type is a native page that can be used to organize and keep track of events from your daily agenda.

In the Edit Mode of the page you will find that there are some fields that can be customized. Specifically, you can add your own Event Categories and Event Category Colors. If you leave these two fields empty, the default listings will be shown within the page.

1.Default Listings- Leave the fields empty for default listings


2.Custom Listings- add your own categories and colors; separate the values by a comma (,)


Also, you can add your custom events directly from the Editor. Use "+" Add and "-" Remove buttons to create new events and delete the existing ones.

In the Event Properties you have to set a Title for the event, set a category for it, add Location, Start/End date/time of the event, mark as All Day event or an active event(active option allows to either show or hide the event). Moreover, you can add a description to the event, it can be customized by editing a blank HTML or link to an existing page from the application's resources.


Here is how the event is displayed on the device.


Month Prospective


Day Prospective


List Prospective

Directly from the device you can also add your own events. These events can be deleted from the device, but the ones which are created on the website cannot be deleted nor changed. On the device there are the same fields for events creation as on the website. You have to introduce the event's title, category, location, start/end time or mark the event as an All Day Event.



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