CreaTusApps Previewer app | New Version

A new version of CreaTusApps Previewer app has been published on. It includes a couple of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We've also published the same version for Kindle Fire on Amazon Appstore and it will be available as soon as Amazon approves it.

1. (FREE) Download and install our preview apps:

CreaTusApps iPhone CreaTusApps iPad CreaTusApps Android CreaTusApps Amazon
Available on the iPhone App Store Available on the iPad App Store Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon
NOTE: Log into the preview app of your choice with username and password from CreaTusApps web site. Choose the app you are working on from the list of all the apps you have created and launch it. Apps will behave inside the preview application just as production apps would with only a In-App Purchase and In-app Billing functionality being left out.

Release notes:


  1. Push Notifications for Non-Google Play Services devices
  2. Alipay Payment System in Order Page
  3. Search Setting in Product Order Page
  4. Native Podcast and Native Multi-Podcast Pages
  5. New App Share Page
  6. New Sharing Setting for Mosaic, Camera Cover, Photo Effect, Image List, Notes, ScoreBoard, Golf Score Cards


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