Build an Android or iPhone app for Travel and Tourism

We have created a new app template to build an application for Android or iPhone for Travel Agencies and Tourism.

This app template will also be very useful if you want to organize trips or create tourist guides using mobile applications.

[cml_media_alt id='1129']Tourism Android or iPhone App Template[/cml_media_alt]

Tourism Android or iPhone App Template

Main Features:

The Welcome Page has a new design with semi-transparent buttons. Each button is designed to give access to the submenu of the category.

The second tab contains a page with which to request an appointment or create a reservation to obtain more information about the trip that is present in the application.

The third tab gives you a map with your location. It is possible to predefine the locations or change the map function by the nearby location function to offer the same locations.

The fourth tab offers a nice menu with custom icons to give your app users access to your social networks, it also offers the possibility to share the app through a multitude of media or to value it in Google Play or the AppStore.

In addition, the template includes a predefined layout for displaying information about an associated establishment. This same page can be used to provide information about a place you recommend to visit in your travel guide.

Finally, remember that all application templates of CreaTusApps are 100% editable, both in design and content as in functions and features.

This template is compatible with mobile devices and tablets Android or Kindle Fire, it also supports iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Create an application with this template for travel and tourism agencies here.


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