4.1 Bookstore Template

How to build your application using BookStore template


The reason for using this template is to offer the possibility for publishers and authors to put in selling your books into an iPhone application. To build your own bookstore application there is no necessary to be an iPhone developer expert, you can use BookStore template.

The following steps will help you create your BookStore application:

  • Select BookStore template from Templates  page
  • Choose "Use This Template" and get the name for your application
  • Now you can start to edit the content of your bookstore:  

1. First tab (Book Store) is an IMG MENU page with the list of books in your bookstore. Each item points to a book cover page with detailed information about the book's content and price (using In App Purchase link or inAppPurchase subscription).

  2.  Cover page has a brief description of the book. On this page we have 2 buttons: "GO TO BOOKMARK" and "OPEN BOOK". Each button opens book content page:               

Simple link:

<a href="http://Content_b1.html" </a>

<a href="http://Content_b1.html?gotobookmark=1&" </a>

In App Purchase link:

<a href="buy://46312:Content_b1.html" </a>

<a href="buy://46312:Content_b1.html?gotobookmark=1&" </a>  

NOTE: If the book from bookstore is free for visualization we will use Simple link  (http://) otherwise we will put in selling the book via In App Purchase link (buy://).

NOTE: In the sample below 46312 is a sample product number issued by Apple. To get your own product number you need to submit a product application on itunesconnect.apple.com, where you'll specify the price amount and the billing cycles.

3.  Book's content pages can be a collection of interlinked HTML pages or an HTML page with type EPUB (CreaTusApps special page type) with attached file of  type *.epub (electronic publication).              

a)  If we are using a collection of interlinked HTML pages to show the contents of the book we have additional options on each page:

 <a href="bookmark://book=Content_b1.html&page=Page1_b1.html/anothercontent">

"bookmark://" schema have two parameters:

book – the name of the book you're applying bookmark
page – the name of page you're applying bookmark


<a href="Content_b1.html">  
Return to content page of the book (first page).

 NOTE: "bookmark://" schema allows users to save bookmarks for different pages in your book store application.      

Transitions between pages can be set (slide, curl) in design mode.

b) When we are using HTML page with type EPUB (CreaTusApps page types) with attached file of type *.epub ( electronic publication ) bookmark mechanism automatically will save last navigation page. Transition between pages is activating on double-click event on the page or with navigation buttons (Forward, Revers) from header of the document.


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