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Create FREE Mobile sites without coding.

I am very excited to announce our new platform, YES !, now you can Create FREE Mobile sites without coding.

Come and try our new platform for mobile websites!


What I get with this Mobile Site Builder?

Mobile Site Builder with All Features.

Social media, contact form, ecommerce, images, video, coupons. Great for your Google Eddystone campaigns, create content for events, store products, feedback, virtual business cards, menu cards, company services, store windows, advertisements, invitations, concerts, posters and more.


Easily create and download QR codes with content and track visits. The mobile sites feel like apps, but it’s not an app builder. CreaTusApps Mobile Platform will save hosting companies, web design & development agencies and entrepreneurs many hours.

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3.15 How to add the Coupon Discount Function Android & iOS

The Coupon Function Page Type allows to include a coupon image in your app which the end user will be able to use (namely show it to the vendor) in order to benefit of a discount, etc.

The coupon image becomes unlocked (displayed on the screen of the device) after end user scans a certain amount of times the QR code printed on your product, or displayed on the screen in your points of sale, etc.

Coupon funtion sample image


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3.14 How it works EPUB Reader

Because Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have become major platforms on which to read eBooks, CreaTusApps developers designed a new ePub reader page type with which we want to give similar experience in users reading process  as modern eReader devices.


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3.13 How to add the ePUB Reader Function

ePUB is a standard for digital publications. Some of its distinctive features is reflowable content formatted using web technics. At the moment only CreaTusApps applications for iOS platform support ePUB fomat.

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