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The #1 World´s Most Powerfull Easy-to-use Free App Maker

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FREE Apps Maker Android, iPhone, iPad & Kindle Fire

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FREE App Maker Android, iPhone, iPAD & Kindle Fire for a restaurant, applications for barbershops, travel agencies... You can build apps aimed at any business. A quick and easy way to have an Android, iPhone app - iPad or Web App in minutes.

No need to write a single line of code in applications, CreaTusApps is an online tool with which you will be able to create applications without programming. We build thought about the needs that a user has to make an application, but especially, we thought needs to create an application programming inexperienced users, especially in Android programming.

Start building applications today.

Complete Solution for your Mobile Business

Create beautiful, high quality mobile sites without any programming knowledge. Lots of features and widgets included. Ideal for your Google Eddystone campaigns.

Use our domain or your own domain. Your customers won´t know we exist.

Free Mobile Site Builder Sample

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100 App Templates & 100 Features

Push Notifications
In-App Purchases
Interactive Maps
App Share & Social Media
Login Page
Control Panel & Statistics
and much more!

FREE App Maker with CreaTusApps
FREE Apps Maker for Android
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Build native apps in 10 minutesmore_vert

More than 100 templates

More than 100 Templatesclose

FREE Apps Maker Android, iPhone, iPAD & Kindle Fire from scratch or start generating your application using our> 100 application templates.

Lowest Price
Money Back Guarantee
In-App Purchases
Push Notifications.
100 App Templates & 100 Features
No programming Required.

FREE Apps Maker
Steps to Create applications in CreaTusApps, create an application

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Publish your apps

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Post your first Android, iPhone app - iPad or Web, is very simple, follow these steps below and have your own applications.

1. Sign in CreaTusApps

2. Select a template to create your Applications

3. Edit the template app to your liking

4. Contact us, we will help to make each app

5. Advertise your fantastic app!

Try it for free!

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Functions in an Android or iPhone applicationclose

Functions in an Android or iPhone application

In CreaTusApps we have developed more than 100 functions to integrate into your applications Android, iPhone apps - iPad or Web App, you will make a perfect app, your applications Android & iPhone will be rich in content and have a great design. But at the same time, you get users of your applications are able to enjoy an Android or iPhone application intuitive, fast and effective. CreaTusApps online software is the number 1 in the development of Android applications.

Social media Fuctions
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In CreaTusApps we are aware of the importance of integrating social networks on your Android, iPhone app - iPad.
Today Facebook, Twitter or Instafram are vital to promote your business, so we have prepared all thinking that your applications contain the greatest potential for expansion.
Generates a section to share your application with social networks. Benefit from the promotion that will generate indirect users of your applications, your friends will !.
Make a viral application!

Your app as
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Design your Appclose

The tastes are unique, we have taken into account when designing the tool that will create the best Android or iPhone - iPad.
We give you the possibility to completely change the look of your application and get the design of the app you generate unique and custom.
We update daily so that each application is always the last, no matter what system is, we update the Android or iOS operating system each time it is revised. We want the application to be 100% functional at any time
Our system offers unique possibilities to generate each application.

I want to build Android and iPhone apps free, how it works?

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